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Teen Camp 2024

Teen Camp is here! June 10th-14th and we want you and your student(s) to feel equipped and ready for all that comes with this amazing experience. We believe that this could be one of the best weeks of your student’s life, and that means putting aside distractions and fully focusing on God.

We are so excited about what God is going to do during the week of camp! 


Teen Camp (Grades 7-12) | June 10-14

Drop off, check-in & Pick-up:
  • Please drop off and check-in your student in the gym at the rear of the church. You will drive to the back of the building and use the rear entrance. Please be there by 11am on Monday, June 10th, to begin the check-in process. The camp has asked us to do a pre-lice check to ensure your campers week is amazing.
  • Eat lunch before you arrive – we will not be eating until 5pm that day!
  • Pick-up will be at the gym in the rear of the church on Friday, June 14th. We are planning to be back at 1:30pm, but this may change due to the final service on Friday. We will text you when we are leaving camp that day.
  • If your camper is bringing medication to camp, please make sure it is in the original bottle and have all medication in a ziplock bag labeled with your campers name with the medication form filled out.
  • Download and bring with your medication on Drop Off Day.  Medication Administration Record
Mail or letters for your students
  • If you have “mail” you would like your camper to receive while at camp we can bring it up for you. We will collect it when you check-in your students on Wednesday. Please label the envelope with the name and day you want them to receive it. 
  • We will keep you updated on when we will return Friday, June 14th. Please plan to pick up your student sometime in the mid-afternoon.
  • Don’t forget to look below for the camp theme days. Pack items that you can dress up with on these days to earn more team points.  Be creative so you can help our team WIN!
Theme Days & Bible Challenge

If you have not been to camp before, every day we have theme days. Your team gets points for best dressed and points for participation for whoever dresses up on those days. So, come dressed and ready for each day!

Packing List & Dress Code

Dress code for both guys and girls. Modesty please! Shorts, skirts and shirts over leggings must be of modest length (at least to fingertips is a good guide). NO halter tops, soffe shorts, midriff tops, or excessively tight (no uncovered leggings) or otherwise inappropriate clothing will be permitted. Tops should cover shoulders, back, chest and stomach for both daytime and evening.

Clean dress or casual clothes should be worn for the evening services.

Swimming Apparel (Teen Camps): Shorts of modest length and dark cover up t-shirts over swimsuits are required at the swimming area. Parental assistance in planning is requested. Dress code will be enforced.

  • Bible, pen, notebook
  • Bedding for full or queen, pillow, towels, washcloths
  • Casual clothes, recreation clothes, gym shoes, sandals, light jacket, umbrella or rain gear, swimsuit, beach cover-up
  • Toiletries, and personal products
  • Money for offerings
  • Spending money for camp DVD, t-shirts, concession stand ($7- $10 per day is about average) and camp store items.
  • Team color/theme day information will be listed above.

These items will be removed from the camper’s possession:

  • Electronic devices (games, etc.)
  • Comic books, magazines, novels, etc.
  • Matches, fireworks, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, weapons, or any illegal substance or item.
  • Please do not bring valuables.
  • Cell Phones are discouraged and will not be allowed during camp activities/services. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
All Final Payments Due Before Going to Camp
Last Message Before Camp

If you were not at Student’s Night on June 4th, take a few minutes and watch this awesome message by Pastor Tristan as we prepare our hearts for a great week at camp!


Raylea Eubanks
Emma Denny
Jaysen Lewis
Grace Searcy
Justin Tscherne
Trent Ruble
Emri-Kate Detamore
Adilyn Baker
Gabriel James
Payten Fenwick
Van Fulton
Rylee Carter
Grant Wildman
Caitlin Johnson
Kate Johnson
Lydia Lewis
Cade Rodgers
Aden Weir 

Vivian Hart
Reagan Britt
Hannah Monroe
Drake Hughes
Isabelle Adcock
Alexa Champion
Emmy Lusby
Zachary Lytell
Annabelle Hay
Liya Cochran
Isaac Schelle
Ian Palmer
Cohen Rodgers
Addison Stout
Malachi Northington
Derick Aldworth
Brayden Hatten
Kinley Yost

Lillian Stoots
Ella Flannagan
Avery Montani
Landon Wildman
Aidan Olson
Isabella Freeman
Zane Banning
Addison Cornwell
Sarah Antrim
Cooper Detamore
Olivia Olson
Jace Dunlap
Kelly Sevier
Lillian Jennings
Kalissa Jacobs
Makena Williams
Tessa Rupprecht


Riley Britt
Riley Grandstaff
Taryn Smith
Ava Lantz
Ashlyn Sanford
Aden Daugherty
Emma Jarrett
Natali Williams
Jailyn Stockton
Bryndan Wylie
Charlie May
Taylor Searcy
Luke Pool
Lynzie Stiller
Drew Detamore
Madison Lynch
Leo Manor
Madelyn Allender

Hayden Reasoner
Ethan Owens
Alyssia Hatcher
Thomas Hawkins
Evan Privett
Ryleigh Mills
Michael England
Faith Adcock
Luke Hensel
Delaney Kent
Elias Brockman
Carsyn Baker
Colby Burton
Brogan Reveles
Lila Wagner
Camden Rodgers
Cami Detamore

Carson Haycraft
Macy Gilgrist
Laura Brooks
Madalyn Brooks
Olivia Hart
Jayden Pedigo
Reese Simmons
Jaxon Conaway
Owen Daugherty
Alexander Andrews
Emily Doyle
Elijah French
Aliza Fellerman
Gavin Britt
Kylie Larrison
Kiera Larrison
Ava May

Hang with Friends

Through you teen’s time at camp they will have opportunity to hang with friends and meet new ones. 

Time with god

Each day your teen will have time in a service where they will worship God, learn from the camp speaker, and spend time praying with their group.

Fun Activities

Your teen will have a ton of fun! The campground is huge and includes a lake, boats, ball fields, and so much more!

Teen Camp FAQs

Great question! Students who work well in a group setting and are able to follow directions will thrive at camp!

Students are placed on teams of approximately 8-12 students with 1 leader.

Every camp leader with Realife Students is a volunteer from our church who has completed a comprehensive process that includes:

  • Completed and approved volunteer application
  • Criminal background check
  • Mandatory Teen Camp Orientation

A professional food team prepares three meals every day. For children with food sensitivities, simple buffet alternatives are always available.

We have a large lake with tons of fun water inflatables and activities! Every child and leader is required to wear a life jacket at all times if they are in the water, regardless of depth. We have staff and lifeguards posted at all swimming activities.

  • Check-in will be at Realife Church on June 10th 11am
  • Campers will return to Realife Church mid-afternoon June 14th
  • All prescription medications (prescription and/or over-the-counter) MUST have a doctor’s order and be brought in the original pharmacy labeled container or the original manufacturer’s container to the first aid station at check-in.
  • Prescription medications MUST have the camper’s name on the bottle.
  • Please limit the amount of medication to only what is required for the camper’s term. Please consider foregoing the 3 days of vitamins or over the counter medications if possible – this is very helpful to our nurse!
  • Please make note on the medical form of all allergies or medical conditions.
  • Camp will have professional medical personnel to help students with medication or injuries.
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping bag or twin bedding
  • Swim towel, Shower towel
  • Shampoo/Conditioner & Soap
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • One piece swimsuit or swim trunks
  • Pajamas
  • 3-5 pairs of underwear
  • 3-5 pairs of socks – may get wet or muddy
  • 3 old T-shirts for rec – will get dirty
  • 3 pairs of shorts for rec – will get dirty
  • 3 T-shirts for chapel
  • 3 shorts or pants for chapel
  • 1 pair of pants & sweatshirt for cool weather
  • 1 pair of closed-toed shoes for rec – will get dirty
  • 1 pair of shoes for chapel/free time
  • 1 pair of flip flops for pool/shower
  • Bug Spray and Sunscreen
  • Bible (if your child does not have a Bible, we will make one available)
  • Cash for concessions (about $5/day should be plenty)
  • Place each set of recreation clothes/chapel clothes in gallon Ziploc bags marked Day 1 recreation, Day 1 chapel, etc.
  • Write your child’s first and last name on the inside of all clothing (including shoes), towels, and washcloths.
  • Pack travel sized shampoo/soap that will be easy for your child to carry.
  • Talk to your child about what items could be thrown away at camp (ruined socks, half used soap, etc.)
  • You may even want to practice camp at home so your child knows what to take and use in the shower, what to use for brushing their teeth, what to take for swim time, etc.
  • Lake Placid, The Indiana District Assemblies of God Campgrounds, are located an hour and a half north of Greenfield near Gas City.
  • The campgrounds include a chapel, concession building, cafeteria, lake and separate boys’ and girls’ dorms with indoor showers and toilets.
  • Your child will be housed with their teammates and leaders in bunk style rooms.
  • Campers will not be allowed to make or accept phone calls unless it is an emergency.
  • Your student will have a great time, and we encourage you to ask them all about it when they get home!

You will have the opportunity to leave mail for your child when you check them in for camp.

  • We reserve the right to inspect contents of all personal belongings if due cause arises.
  • Improper contents will be held by camp staff and returned to parent/guardian(s) at the end of camp.
  • All campers will be expected to observe habits of personal cleanliness, respect for camp staff and other campers, and refrain from using foul language, including cursing and crude humor.
  • Charges for items broken/damaged or stolen during camp will be billed to the parties/individual involved.
  • If a child is sent home early due to sickness, behavior, or discipline issues, should camp leadership determine it is necessary, there will not be a refund given.